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Welcome to Cape Coral Water Heater Replacement Experts!

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Water heater installation is part of our primary service. Installation of new water heater is moderately major decision for investment and has to be considered wisely with care. Yes, as leading water heater experts, you can expect optimum utilization of your resources from us. We believe in providing only the best brands. There are different products and system ranges such as tank and tankless, heat pump, hybrid, solar etc.

We do not disrupt your daily activities since we provide installation in one day. Further, the installation team who visits for installation will guide you each and every step of the entire process on how to operate the water heater.


Water Heater Repair

If you find any issue in the water heater and your heater needs to be looked upon by professionals, choose us. Our trained and professional plumbers visit the sites who are experts in understanding the issue in heating and cooling of the water heater. We diagnose the root cause and offer the solution quickly.

At Cape Coral, we work for 24 X 7 throughout the year to provide usual and emergency services for water heater repairs. If the water heater is not checked on a regular basis for regular maintenance, the water heater can stop functioning at any time. Regular check-up of the water heater is the key. We at Cape Coral recommend regular checkup at least once in a year.

Further, even after the recurring repair, the water heater is not functioning properly, we can replace the new water heater with the best brand.


  • Natural Gas Water Heaters

Natural Gas Water Heaters are high energy and high-efficiency model. Further, natural gas water heaters are also available in tank style and tankless style.


  • Heater with tank

In this type of water heater, the water is stored in the tank which stores the hot water standby. In this type of water heater, heating and reheating is done on the same water again. Usually, the size of the tank water heater is ranging from 35 gallons to 110 gallons. We at Cape Coral water heater deals with each side of the water heater. You can explain your requirement at our store and our experts shall help you to choose the best water heater for you. Since this type of water heater is affordable so it is most commonly used in the country.


  • Heater without tank

As the name suggests, the water heater is not available with tank and hence you can get the hot water any time you want. When the hot water tap is turned on, water heater starts heating the water. These water heaters are also referred to as on-demand water heaters. Once your requirement to get the water finishes, you can turn off the water heater as well.

The advantage of this water heater over the heater with a tank is these water heater does not do heating and reheating again and again for the same water. The hot water is only available upon your requirement. This helps in saving energy and money.

This type of water heater is currently becoming highly popular in the country. The reason is it has a capability of giving seamless hot water supply based on the demand. It also does not occupy the space while compared to the heater with a tank.

Natural Gas Water Heaters requires are helpful for saving the energy and money. Certainly, the natural gas water heaters are efficient and affordable. Further, it is a great help in reducing the carbon emission and to make the renewable energy more prosper. The natural gas water model saves nearly half of the energy while compared to other models. Hence, choosing a natural gas water heater is a smart choice. We at Cape Coral offer the best brands of natural gas water heaters.


  • L.P. Gas Water Heaters (LP stands for “liquefied petroleum”)

These water heaters are similar to the other gas water heaters. Starting from 5 members of the household and more, we are having a wide variety of range of liquefied petroleum gas water heaters to provide the ample hot waters for you.

At first, our professional experts check the requirements and take the measurement of the space where the water heater is to be installed. We promise same day installation in most of the areas of Cape Coral. The liquefied petroleum gas water heater has maintenance free combustion air intake system. Our premium brand water heaters provide long-term protection of the tanks. We offer various onsite warranties and guarantee options to have the peace of mind once you purchase the water heater.


  • Solar Powered Water Heaters

A solar water heater uses sunlight for heating of the water. It is equipment which captures sunlight and so it is a natural process for making hot water.

The water heater has following components;

  • Thermal panel – This is for capturing of the sun rays.
  • Storage tank – This is for storage of water
  • Circulating pump – This is for transmission of energy from thermal penal to the storage tank.
  • Thermal regulator – This is for regulating the temperature of the water.

Having solar-powered water heater is one of the most efficient clean energy sources for hot water. The solar energy is most efficient in mid of the day when there is no cloud in the sky. The only limitation is another backup system is required during insufficient luminosity.


  • Water Heater Brands

Although there is a number of brands that offer a wide range of water heaters, all the brands are not selling the water heater which provides quality of water heater efficiently and cost-effectively. Cape Coral only deals with the best brands such as AO Smith, State, Rheem, GE, Ruud, Bradford White, State, G.E., Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Premier. We believe in giving the best possible brand experience to our customers.

We choose the best brands only upon the excellent feedback from the customers. Dealing with best brands helps Cape Coral in a number of ways. The best brand products are durable and affordable.


  • Water Heater Maintenance

Choose us as a service provider for regular maintenance and health check-up of your water heater. We make sure that we help you in avoiding possible problems in the water heater and makes the water heater up to date.


  • Water Heater Expansion Tank

Water heater expansion tank works as an overflow receptacle and absorbs the extra water which is created by water heater while heating. It helps in reducing the risk of pressure damage in the plumbing system. Water heater expansion tank is usually installed above a water heater. This prevents dripping of faucets by having extra pressure in the system.

Cape Coral water heater offers the solution of water heater expansion tank. The water heater tank prices are range starts from $ 40 and up to $ 200. It is recommended while the water heater is installed; get the quote for water heater expansion tank as well. It helps us by quoting the best price and the installation is done at the same time.


  • Water Heater Tune Up

We at Cape Coral water heater deals in both residential water heater services and commercial water heater services. Whether you are looking for a small family or a large sized restaurant, our product range includes everything that you are looking for.

Further, we are available for 24/7 Emergency Water Heater Service. We also provide following services besides the services discussed above;

  • Providers of Hybrid Water Heaters
  • Replacement service of a Water Heater in Your Home
  • Maintenance of Draining a Water Heater
  • Up gradation of Your old Water Heater
  • Energy Saver Water Heater
  • Electric Water Heaters

Why you need professional water heater experts?

  • Space utilization

Professional in the field of water heater installation makes sure that the space occupancy is optimum. We also suggest the right place suitable for the installation.

  • Energy efficiency

As a professional, we suggest the right product which leads to energy efficiency. The initial investment may be little higher compared to the traditional range of water heaters; however, in the long run, it results into cost savings.

  • Overall cost reduction

Professionals ultimately help in overall cost reduction in the long run and also optimum utilization of resources such as space, electricity, etc. Our objective is the best possible experience and customer satisfaction.