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Natural Gas Water Heaters

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Hot water heaters are among the most important investments in any household. The quality of the water heater that you buy will determine your utility bills in the long run. No wonder most homeowners like to invest in the most cost-effective water heaters that you can find on the market. Most of the consumers will tell you that investing in natural gas water heaters is highly beneficial.

Natural gas water heaters come with several benefits in comparison to the electric options. First, most of the electric companies often offer rebates that significantly offset the installation cost. After installing this equipment, the monthly utility bills are usually so low. You will discover a very huge difference in the utility bills over time. Natural gas water heaters are also more reliable than the power outages. You will still be able to shower even when the power shuts down. They are also longer lasting as they can take you for over 20 years, unlike conventional ones that only run for six to twelve years. This implies that less maintenance and replacement is required.

In case you have an interest in environmental conservation, you will be happy to learn that natural gas is more efficient than electricity. This significantly reduces the amount of carbon that is produced while powering the heater. People who reside in regions that use coal to produce electricity will significantly reduce the amount of carbon footprint. The reason is that carbon produces a double amount of greenhouse gas more than natural gas.

Natural gas water heaters come with a long list of benefits. These heaters do not always store the hot in the tank but heat the water as per the need. Therefore, you will not wait for the water to heat up before you can be able to take a shower. Therefore, you will eliminate the danger of the whole family running short of hot water while preparing for the day. Since these systems are tankless, it occupies little space than the traditional electric accessories. The water will also be heated properly before being passed on for use. This means that the water will be much cleaner. When dealing with a tank, water will sit in the rusted tank for a long period and the water may come out with too much debris.

Natural gas water heaters are far more superior than electric ones. All homeowners who wish to replace their water heaters should critically consider this option before making a decision to buy. The heating speed of natural gas water heaters is double that of electric ones. These devices give you an abundant supply of hot water. You should consider natural gas water heaters if you want an abundant supply of hot water in the home. It is the best way of cutting down on your energy costs.

Natural gas water heaters will give you an assurance of stable pricing all day long. It’s more economical to install natural gas water heaters in the home than electric devices. Natural gas water heaters are good because they will work even during a blackout. The gas water heaters that use pilot light ignition and not electric ignition will function even when there is a blackout. The ability to have a constant supply of hot water even when there is a blackout comes with several advantages. You can also find some models that have pilot lights.

Like any other product on the market, natural gas water heaters also have their disadvantages. Gas models are costlier even though the monthly energy bills tend to be lower. The maintenance and installation of these devices are also more expensive. However, the low prices make up for the high initial costs of natural gas water heaters.

The other challenge with natural gas water heaters is with the installation process. The process of installing natural gas water heaters is more complex than the other versions. In case your house has never had a water gas heater previously, you will have to install PVC pipes to the vent via the roof. The ventilation also needs occasional repairs and maintenance once you replace the water heater.


It is critical to making sure that you choose the right water heater. The truth of the matter is that over 25 percent of the energy costs in your home goes towards heating. There are several benefits that natural gas water heaters give to homeowners that electric heaters don’t. It’s the best way to increase the speed of heating water in your home at a reduced cost. The operating cost of water heaters is not the only factor to consider when choosing the right device. You also need to look at the consider upfront costs, capacity, and the costs of maintenance.