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Solar power water heaters are systems that will directly heat your water as it gets pumped into the home. The market has two major types of water heating systems and this comprises of the passive and active. Both of them can depend on climatic conditions and you need to try them out during the warm months.

Active systems utilize pumps in circulating water through a series of pipes that are located in the solar panels. On the other hand, passive systems make use of a solar connection tank and a storage tank that can store your hot water for future use.


You can be sure that a home that incorporates the solar-powered water heating technology is an efficient one. This is a high-end system that has a high level of efficiency, especially in sunny climates. However, the high-end system requires a higher upfront investment but you will enjoy low energy costs and reap its benefits in the long run.

Advantages of Solar Powered Water Heaters

The system will allow you to use free solar energy to hit your water. This will translate to lower monthly gas or electric bills. It is an ideal option in climates that get high levels of sunshine. You can lower the upfront cost of this equipment through federal tax credits. You can also get local incentives that will assist you in offsetting a section of the upfront investment. Let’s take a closer analysis of the pros and cons of solar powered water heaters.


Efficient and Clean Water Heating

You cannot run away from the fact that solar energy is abundant and free. Solar energy does not also have any footprint. In case you are looking for an opportunity to get away from hydropower and gas, solar heating is one of the best options. The energy source is more important for those individuals who are living in areas that are characterized by a lot of sunshine. The system turns close to 80 percent of the radiation to heat energy.

Return on Investment

The initial cost of investing in solar powered water heaters is a bit high. However, the monthly bills are a very small fraction of what you get when using electric and gas energy because you rely on the sun. The investment will end up paying itself from what you save on electricity or gas costs. As said earlier, the water bill can reduce by over 80 percent when you decide to go the solar way.


Easy to Maintain

The solar system does not need so much in terms of maintenance. The only thing you require is supplying a water softener in the pipes after every three years.


This system has fewer moving parts and generally produces less noise.


We have some solar technologies that require you to install more than sixteen solar panels. The good thing about the solar-powered water heater is that they only need two or three solar panels. You may require some extra tank storage space if you will be going for the passive method. Apart from this, it does not consume a lot of space.


Renewable Heat Incentive

Commercial and domestic properties have a right of claiming the renewable heat incentive. The implication is that you will get paid for generating your heat energy even if you don’t use all of it. There is a user-friendly calculator that will tell you how much you can earn and this can run to hundreds of pounds each year.

Disadvantages of Solar Powered Water Heaters

These tanks consume more space than the tankless options. The upfront cost and installation are normally higher than the other systems that are in the market. It can take you several years before you begin to realize a financial benefit. The system is not very efficient in climates that receive less sunlight or during the cold months. This high level of dependence on climate can work to your disadvantage. The systems also take a lot of time to accumulate sufficient heat and you need to plan for their location carefully. The fact that you have more equipment will mean that the maintenance costs are higher. This system will only heat your water and you are not going to use it in powering other devices.


Are you thinking on installing a solar-powered water heater in your home? I highly recommend that you use a highly experienced installer for this task. They will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge on the table and also offer references from past clients. It is an excellent opportunity of getting first-hand feedback from other people in your area.

You also have to think about the installation of storage tanks and maintenance requirements before you invest in solar powered water heaters. You need solar heating equipment that is worth the cost. In case you are living in an area that has good sunshine, this is one of the best long-term investment that you can make. You may discover that buying solar-powered water heaters may be the best decision that you have made in life. Talk to professionals and other homeowners to see the efficiency of these units in your region. It is the best way to make an informed decision before you buy any of this equipment. Remember you need something that will add true value into your home. Invest in solar powered water heaters if you live in warm climates and you will have all the benefits coming your way.