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Water Heater Energy Saver

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The energy cost forms the largest proportion of utility bills in your home. Therefore, everyone is looking for means and ways of saving energy in his home. You can use these funds to run other errands in the home. One of the accessories that consume a lot of energy in your home is the water heating system. It’s good to put in place a water heater energy saver to be able to reduce the amount of energy consumption significantly. Apart from this, there are several tips that you can use to save water heating costs in your home or premise.

First, you can decide to go for a short shower and not a bath. In this case, saving will exclusively depend on the needs of your family. Long hot showers tend to consume a lot of water in comparison to a bath. However, don’t fill the tub to the brim especially if you have installed huge jetted bathtubs. Warm baths are very luxurious but its good to stick to a short shower for daily bathing. You can even turn off the water as you soap up, shave, or shampoo. The most important thing is to save as much energy as possible.

You also need to reduce the time you take in the shower. It feels good to spend a lot of time in the shower but you end up wasting a lot of time. You can also keep the air inside much warmer by keeping your bathroom door tightly closed. All you need to do is run the fun so that it can take care of the steam.

The other water heater energy saver tip is to lower the temperature of the water heater system to 120°F; for each 10ºF temperature reduction, you will be able to save 3%–5% on the costs of heating the water. You also need to stop the water from running as you do other errands like brushing your teeth. You can waste a lot of energy when the water runs for even an extra minute without being in use. Remember it only takes a second to shut off the water and every minute of running water counts. Use cold water for the rinse cycle and most of your laundry loads.

Use your dishwaters in a more efficient manner. Only wash full loads and go for short wash cycles. Also, activate the booster heater just in case you only have one heater. Fix any leaks in your system because even the slightest leaks are so costly. You will also have a lot of good and clean water that will be going to waste.

The other water heater energy saver tip is to install low-flow fixtures. Federal regulations expect you to install faucets and showerheads that have low flow rates. Old shower heads can be two times more costly than new ones. This is a small investment that can help you save between 25 to 60 percent in energy costs. The otherwise move is to install heat traps on the water heater tank.

You also need to install heat traps on the water heater tank. This can save you a lot of money in terms of water billings. Professionals can assist you to install them on existing tanks but heat traps are some of the new storage water heaters.  You also have to provide an insulation to the hot-water storage tank. However, be keen not to cover the thermostat when dealing with electric tanks. You should not also cover the bottoms and tops of the water heater, burner compartment, and thermostat when dealing with oil and natural gas storage tanks.

Install the initial few feet of the cold and hot water pipes that are connected to your water heater. Also, you need to install a timer that will turn the heater off during the night or when it is not under use. You can also use it to turn off the water when the demand is low.

You can also look for ways of upgrading the clothes washer. You can save a lot of money by replacing a washer that is over ten years of age. You may also be forced to buy a new water heater if you can get one that is more energy efficient. Look for the options that are right for you and don’t restrict yourself to conventional ones. Its good to get your self an energy-star qualified dishwasher and other accessories. Such equipment uses less water and less energy.